Nestled between the lush Sierra Madre and the majestic Pacific Ocean emerges Puerto Vallarta, a stunning resort destination that combines the rich Mexican traditions with modern innovation. This melding of Mexican charm with cosmopolitan appeal has seduced the LGBT community through the years. Click here to find more about ACT LGBT A.C. Puerto Vallarta.


For the fifth consecutive year, from May 21 to 28, 2017, Puerto Vallarta will welcome the largest LGBT Pride event in the region: Vallarta Pride. Associations, companies and the entire LGBT community have joined together again to organize this event that celebrates the lifestyle diversity of our city in a 8-day festival that will offer arts and culture events, concerts, entertainment, films, fun, lots of partying and our fabulous Pride Parade. Our main events have a small donation and are non-profit to once again show the world the best of our accepting and vibrant community. It is that level of acceptance which has made Puerto Vallarta recognized worldwide as an LGBT mecca, hosting national and international gay visitors and creating a sophisticated culture that is an important artistic, professional, altruistic and economic contributor to the community. This cultural heritage was adopted by the Vallarta Pride Organizing Committee, which works in conjunction with public and private partnerships and to make our city a player on the world stage of LGBT celebrations.

Vallarta Pride works towards a future without discrimination where we all have equal rights under fair and equal law. We believe we can achieve this through the LGBT events that inspire, commemorate and celebrate our community.



ACT LGBT A.C. was formed by a group of concerned business owners looking for new ways to promote Puerto Vallarta worldwide. Although first working under a different name, the group was founded by Laura Gelezunas of Media Diva International, Tim Wilson of GAYPV, Daniel Gomez of Mijo! Brands, Oscar Moran of RHOM Design and Bill Hevener of BuenFlex Clothing. At a second meeting, the committee added Christian Serrano of Gay Vallarta Bar-Hopping. From those initial meetings two ideas were born: The need to create a gay business association and to sponsor a Gay Pride event in Puerto Vallarta. The group recognized that the business community at large would not take LGBT business community seriously until there was an organized legal association.

Since the community had been unable to come together without conflict in the past, the group decided to hold monthly meetings on what was happening in and around the business development community in Puerto Vallarta. This Group was called GEGPV. The first meeting was held at Almar Resort Luxury All Suites & Spa on March 4th, 2013. At that meeting volunteers were solicited to form the first Vallarta Pride Committee. Concerned about possible conflicts within the community, the Pride Committee was separated from the business association to function under the name of DFEC (Diversity Fests Events Committee) although the steering committees had shared members. The Steering Committee of GEGPV set meetings to be held on the second Tuesday of every month. After the second meeting, luncheon and networking components were added. It was realized that there was a need and intrinsic value in just creating time to talk to one another. This time ultimately proved to be deemed highly valuable and very useful to the members. The committee continued to listen to feedback to continue improving on what it could provide to the community. The DFEC page was created on March 23rd, 2013 and the f irst committee meeting for Pride occurred on March 28th, 2013 at the SETAC offices. After a tremendous amount of work by the Pride Steering Committee, the first pride weekend was held in Puerto Vallarta from May 24thto 26th, 2013. Subsequently, ACT LGBT A.C. has been continuing its monthly luncheons and continues in its goal of providing a solid and permanent LGBT Business Association.






Charlie Rubio

Radio & TV Host; Marketing and Communication Consultor. As a radio host, nowadays he has 2 radio shows on air: Singular al Aire with Charlie Rubio, a radio magazine show for single people of all genders and preferences. Is the only communication platform in México for this target. Beside S1ngular al aire, we also have S1ngular magazine and s1ngular.com. “En Privado” a new radio show broadcasted in New York City for the Latin market.

In Television, he’s working in my third big project: “Déjate ir”, a new TV show for a digital platform such as Netflix. It is about traveling and  lifestyle also for single people around the world.

He has been recognized two times with the POPAI award in Las Vegas Nevada, for best creative point of purchase campaign for Procter & Gamble brands: Crest and Naturella. He has also received the prize for the best Creative Campaign in Beauty Category in Latin America for a Head & Shoulders Campaign. He has been working as CEO of his own MKT and Communication and PR Agency for over 16 years.


Bill Hevener

Bill is a long term resident of Puerto Vallarta.. He works at Ron Morgan Properties in the rental market and as a sales agent. He is Proud member of AMPI. Five years ago, Bill and his partner, Raul Duran, opened Buenflex Clothing a locally manufactured clothing and promotional business.
Bill’s love of Puerto Vallarta is carried into all his activities. Bill is most proud of this advocacy work with the city to promote tourism year round and Puerto Vallarta as a gay friendly internationally and nationally destination. Bill is a foundering member of ACT LGBT AC and Vallarta Pride.


Enrique Jiménez

Enrique Jiménez is the Director of the Spanish Experience Center. He was born in the city of Cuernavaca, where he also studied and earned degrees in International Business as well as Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the Uninter University.
He moved to Puerto Vallarta in the summer of 2005 to become the General Director of the Spanish Experience Center and sometimes a teacher as well. Enrique’s passion for teaching Spanish, especially beginners and conversation classes, has allowed him to meet hundreds of people from all over the world. One of his great joys is learning of his students’ cultures while teaching them about his.
Music, dancing and exploring Puerto Vallarta’s dynamic culture is a part of Enrique’s life that he shares with “the equipo” (equipo means team), a great group of locals, students and teachers who have all become great friends. Enrique’s weekend excursions with the equipo have become famous all around the world and he considers the equipo to be his Puerto Vallarta family.
Enrique believes that his greatest personal satisfaction comes from his students achieving proficiency in understanding, writing and expressing themselves in Spanish.


Tim Wilson

From Seneca SC, BS in Finance and Real Estate Clemson University 1989. VP Oconee Federal Savings and Loan 1986 to 1996. District Manager Gannet Publishing 1996 2000. Self employer real estate entrepreneur retired to Puerto Vallarta 2008. In 2010 founded GAYPV Magazine.


Tom Swale

President of Amapas Neighborhood Association; member of Pulpito Drag Derby Organizing Committee, 7-year Puerto Vallarta resident; writer and producer of television movies & series in a previous life.


Gary Green

Gary Green, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, spent most of his time in Orange County (California) before moving to Puerto Vallarta ten years ago. Gary brings a strong expertise to the table in his current role as Director of Corporate Development for a national not-for-profit health organization having honed his skills through years of coordinating national and international special events and successful cause-related-marketing programs. He has a passion for many causes and has served as Lieutenant Governor for Kiwanis International and Regional Advisor for Key Club International, the world’s largest high school service organization. Here in Puerto Vallarta, Gary continues to co-chair the annual Mardi Gras Carnival parade and Fire Department’s Heroe’s Calendar fundraiser as well as many other local projects.


Carmen Porras

Born in Mexico City, Carmen Porras E.   studied Hotel Management in Les Roches, Bluche, Switzerland. That is where she learned cooking techniques, managements skills,and three languages:  French, German  & English. In Mexico City she worked for Banquetes Ambrosía, Four Seasons & Camino Real. She lives in Puerto Vallarta since 2000, where she has worked for Four Seasons Punta Mita and Trio Restaurant.

She opened her own  El Arrayán Restaurant, with Claudia Victoria R. in November 2003. Carmen’s mission is to serve regional Mexican dishes,  exclusively using the best ingredients to offer her guests a rich and authentic experience.

She also teaches Mexican cooking classes at El Arrayán.


Claudia Victoria

She was born in Mexico City. After finishing school she took a position in Fiesta Americana hotels, where she completed their executive training. She moved to Cancún and worked for TGI Fridays. For the next twelve years she held positions  form hostess to general manager. They then offer her a post on their World Opening Team. She moved to Puerto Vallarta to Open The Palm entertainment club in this city. In 2003 with Carmen Porras E. opens a new concept  for a restaurant with the best ingredients and authentic Mexican recipes: El Arrayán. As co-owner and business partner  at  EL Arrayán Claudia is an integral part of the restaurant, creating an original cocktail list, varied wine list and making sure form the beginning that El Arrayán reaches and surpasses international AAA service standards.