All Together with Pride 2017!

September 15, 2016

Vallarta Pride’s Steering Committee wants to thank everyone for their support during the successful Vallarta Pride 2016! Volunteers, sponsors and participants, without your support and collaboration, the festival would not have been possible. We are also very excited to announce the date for the next Vallarta Pride, to be held from 21-28 May 2017!

The pre-production of Vallarta Pride 2017 is now taking place and we are happy to share with you the theme for the festival next year “TOGETHER WITH PRIDE”.

Vallarta Pride 2017

Vallarta Pride 2017 is all about being together, because TOGETHER we can make this world a better place to live, TOGETHER we can make changes, because TOGETHER we will stop being a minority to become a force of change and love; TOGETHER, we can prove to the World that in LGBTTTIQ community we make things living and seeing a positive world, so that one day all people in the world without distinction, without prejudices , without pointing to each other, without fear, in love and TOGETHER.

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