Chamber of Deputies Committee in México says no to Equal Marriage

November 9, 2016

Mexico City, Mexico – With 18 votes against, 8 in favor and 1 abstention, the ruling on equal marriage in México was rejected this Wednesday by the Constitutional Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

The opinion of the initiative that recognized the right to equal marriage in the Constitution was rejected, first by the deputies of the Commission of Human Rights and later in the Commission of Constitutional Points.

The discussion in San Lazaro caused division even among deputies of the same party, like the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Benjamin Medrano (PRI) said that he voted in favor because he is gay (proudly he said) and because the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation SCJN), has already resolved the issue.

Deputies of National Action (PAN) also said they voted against the ruling, while it was expected that the legislators of the parties of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and Social Encounter (PES) vote in favor.

The opinion states that men and women are equal before the law, which will protect the organization and development of the family; And that anyone over the age of 18 has the right to marry regardless of their ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, social status, sexual preference or any other reason that violates human dignity, that is, they can not be discriminated against in their intention to unite, with legal recognition, his life to another person.


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