Details of the meeting with Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña

July 12, 2017

Get to know the agenda of issues related to the LGBT+ sector that were addressed in the meeting with the Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña on June 29.


Promotion by the Destination Marketing Office (Fideicomiso de Turismo) as an LGBT friendly destination (Charlie Rubio)
• The possibility of increasing the percentage of the allocated budget for the promotion of the destination in the LGBT segment.
• Include images that show the diversity and inclusion of the destination in advertising or promotion that takes place in any media, even if such media are not focused or specialized for the LGBT community. Show the destination as a whole and not segmented.
• Training of city employees to attend and understand the LGBT segment of toursim.

Festival Pride 2018 (Charlie Rubio)
• Thank you for your participation.
• We want the Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña to invite the governor of the state of Jalisco as host to be present next year at the festival, as this not only marks the beginning of the international Pride events, but will be even more important for being part of the centennial celebration of Puerto Vallarta.
• We would like the official government buildings to be illuminated with the colors of the rainbow during Pride week.
• Where we can apply, at which government instances and how can we approach them to request economic support to be able to produce a bigger event and with greater international impact, this support we want to destinate it to produce a concert with famous singers who will attract national and international tourism.
• We want Vallarta Pride 2018 Festival to be included in the official Centennial City program of events.

Office of Gender Identity (Gene Mendoza)
• We propose that the office does not depend of the Tourism Department and that it has a Social Diversity approach.
• Provide guidance on the following (non-limiting) issues:
• Assistance and guidance for young people who come to live to Puerto Vallarta, understanding that it is a friendly LGBT destination where they want to find work and be productive in the city.
• Legal support
• Psychological
• Health
• Guidance and support for legal procedures for same-sex weddings.

LGBT Tourism (Armando Sánchez)
• LGBT Tourism spends twice as much as other tourists.
• It is tourism that comes all year, regardless of the season.
• Support to generate events, at least 4 throughout the year, not just Vallarta Pride.

• When attending the Destination Marketing Office (Fideicomiso de Turismo) meetings, we request that you to objectively vote for the appropriate representation of the LGBT community. Currently only 4% of the budget is allocated to the LGBT segment.
• Inclusion of a LGBT community representative in the committee that organizes, generates, supports or votes for the development of activities and events.

Romantic Zone, A really friendly destination (Julie Guerrero)
• We want to propose for the area to have artistic interventions that not only embellish it, but also generate identity, spaces where people take pictures, spaces such as sculptures, murals, painted streets, etc. They become icons of the destination and this helps enormously towards the promotion of the city, being the same visitors who make the promotion in their own social networks.
• Have a mural by an activist artist like Daniel Arzola, internationally recognized, with murals and exhibitions, in New York, Argentina, San Francisco and some European cities. The theme may be related to the Vallarta Centennial and the LGBT community.
• We want the Romantic Zone to convey what it really is: More Friendly, More Beautiful, Cleaner, Better lit to have, More tourism.

• Clean streets, that the same ones that collect the trash, are in charge of sweeping after since the waste that they leave, are precisely those that generate the bad smell, bad image, diseases by decomposition, etc.
• That fines can be generated for throwing garbage on the street, from vehicles or bystanders.
• Clean alleys and end streets.
• Develop a culture and cleaning program for the beaches, from not using unicel, until the garbage collection.
• Awareness campaign and cleaning program promoted through the media.


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