Enter our Giveaway to win a Vallarta Pride VIP Package!

March 7, 2017

As you have noticed, in our social networks we are currently doing a giveaway where all our fans can participate to win a Vallarta Pride 2017 VIP Package with great prizes and free tickets for the event. The dynamic is very easy:

1.- Enter the giveaway on this link: www.vallartapride.com/pridevip

2.- You can see 4 options to participate. The first “Follow Vallarta Pride on Twitter” is mandatory and once you do that, you’ve entered the giveaway to win the prize. The other three options are not mandatory but when you do them you gain more participation points in the dynamic, which translates into more opportunities to win!

That is all!


The winner of the Vallarta Pride 2017 VIP Package will be selected and announced on Vallarta Pride’s social networks on Friday, March 17th. The winner will receive an email from Vallarta Pride, confirming their prize and instructions to receive it, which must be answered no later than Thursday, March 23. In case of no response from the winner, the prize will be canceled and a new winner will be selected.

To participate you have until March 15th! Hurry up because there are only a few days left!


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