Gays drive the economy of Mexican beaches: Tourism Ministry

September 27, 2016

Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, said travelers from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) are not discriminated against and drive the economy of Guadalajara and the beaches like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Riviera Maya for its high purchasing power.

“We in tourism should not do any discrimination. Among other things, Gayfriendly tourism has high purchasing power and is the type of tourism that we want to bring to Mexico. Personally, I believe in equality, freedom of expression and the freedom of sexual preferences of people”, the official said in an interview with Forbes Mexico.

“I think there are two different arguments: one is the discussion of marriages between same sex and another thing is that Mexico is a destination that also encourages and supports the tourism” he said. He said that the conflict between the gay community and Catholics, evangelicals and Mormons, came from President Enrique Peña Nieto when he sent the initiative to the Constitution to recognize same-sex marriage.

“In many states of the Mexican Republic (the same-sex marriage) it is permitted; the problem arose from the discussion at the federal level” said Secretary of Tourism.

He recalled that a controversy was created through social networks on 17 December 2015 when the Tourism Ministry published an advertisement to promote the celebration of lesbian and gay marriages and gay-friendly community visits to Mexican beaches.

The promotional shows two men locking eyes on a beach, background is the sea and the legend: “Mexico has states to have your wedding and you give you beautiful memories”.

De la Madrid said that the country has attractive tourist destinations to attract gay and lesbian community from the United States and Canada.

Juan Antonio Arellano, executive director of Talent Consultants and president of Union of LGBT Tourism Business, said in 2012 the Tourism Ministry conducted a study to determine what travelers acquired more tourist services and what the impact on the economy was: “It was found that the LGBT tourism was part of the market which showed growth” he says

He stressed that the LGBT community gained greater visibility in tourism when Guadalajara and Mexico City joined as urban destinations, it was an important growth with the “National Plan where the issue of inclusion plays a role, as well changing the human rights conditions. “

Currently, the Mexican tourist destinations are already competing with mature regions for LGBT tourism  such as Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Canada.

He argued that the economic impact of the tourist from the gay community is higher than that of a heterosexual.

“A LGBT international tourist in Mexico has an economic impact of $1,700 per person, while heterosexual tourism consumption reaches $780 dollars max. (…) Income per couple (gay) in the United States are higher than $110,000 a year, when a heterosexual couple has income of $65,000” said the CEO of Talent Consultants.

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