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September 4, 2015

Vallarta Pride may last only a few days in May, but its organization work takes almost all year!

We are very pleased with the success achieved in 2015, where we had the assistance of more than 15 thousand people, local, national and international. The collaboration and participation of sponsors, donors and volunteers helped greatly in planning and organizing each of the events. Without them we could not have achieved what we’ve done since 2013, with the first edition of Pride Vallarta.

The organizing committee of Vallarta Pride 2016 started to work in organizing the event right at the end of Vallarta Pride 2015! We want the next Vallarta Pride to be the best ever and we need everyone’s help.

By being a sponsor of Pride Vallarta, you can help us greatly in bringing artists and celebrities to the shows and with everything involving the creation of all events. Also, you can have great benefits with this unmatched advertising platform, by being exposed to the local, national and international markets. The value for your business and Puerto Vallarta, goes beyond two weeks of events. The scope that you get with Vallarta Pride 2016 will show what the LGBT community can do for Puerto Vallarta and the world, helping to improve and grow our image as one of the best Gay-friendly destinations in Mexico and the world.

Vallarta Pride next year is set to grow to 12 days of events held throughout Puerto Vallarta, so we invite you to participate and check out our Sponsorship Packages for Vallarta Pride 2016 and get to know the advertising benefits that you or your business can get by being part of the largest LGBT event in Puerto Vallarta!




Contact us and help us make history in Puerto Vallarta and improve all LGBT business!

Bill Hevener
Vicepresident Vallarta Pride 2016
Ph. (322) 138-1475


Whether sponsoring, donating or participating as a volunteer in organizing Vallarta Pride, thanks you! We’re demonstrating that with pride and a united community, anything is possible!

For more information, please contact us. Send us your questions or comments to and we will contact you shortly.


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