Many thanks to all the donors from this year!

May 31, 2016

Vallarta Pride 2016’s Comittee would like to thank all the donors which help this year’s event with their donation. Without it we couldn’t make Vallarta Pride a success!

Many thanks to:

Richard Michael & Mike Williams
Don Pickens, Casa Cupula
Act II Entertainment
Michel Pascal Ferrari
Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas
The Park
Gary Green
Roberto Ortiz
3 Anonymous donors
Robert Petty
Rich Kaufman
Jeremy Satterfield
Broadway Cares
ENroute Communications
Roger Dubois
Gary Leckrone & Bill Hofmeister
Vallarta Botanical Gardens, A.C.
Charles Hess
Tom Duafala
Robert Stewart
Bryan Camp
Robert Boyd
Tom Bernes

Dean McConkey
Ray Careme
Mark Page, Gay Guide Vallarta
Alexander deHilster
Kim Kuzma
Cassandra and Candace Shaw, Cassandra Shaw Jewelry
David Marstellar
Bar Frida
Holland Travel LLC
Christine Kohl
LiquidMen PV, Jerry A Staser
Sergio German Aguirre Salcedo
Ronald Samuels
Debbie Brolin Egan
David Schwendeman & Terrence Reilly, MexLend
In Memory of David Watt by Kenneth Dean
Don Varni
Francine Peters
Tracy Parks Productions
Casa Vallarta Design

Mike Hickman
Margaret Parrish
Glenn Kacic
Mark Gregor-Pearse
Aaron O’Brien
Sid Goodman
Tom Swale
Steven Krumholz, KGay Travel
Rip Rupinski
Michael Doughman
Adriana Garcia
Evan Goldfarb
Jeremiah Coughlan
Organic Select Mexico
Villa Savana
Jeremiah Coughlan
Barcelona Tapas, William Carballo
Christian Serrano
Wet Wild Gay Cruise,
Edgar Hernandez
Pinata PV, Ronnie Lee & David Tovar
CC Slaughter’s



Brett Jones
Kenneth Michael Hnatiuk
Ken Evans
James W Watson
Gabe Arciniega
Andrew Huige
Yuri Naya
Glinys M. Oxtoby
Tom Swale
Jeremy Satterfield
Antonio Alejandro Aguilar Alcocer
Timothy Paul
Richard Galindo
Denis Radovanovic
Wayne Harvie
Douglas McAbee
Gillian Mercer
Chris Donabedian
Keith Ownsby
Billy O Bacon
Gary Green


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