Mexico seeks to attract gay tourism

November 5, 2015

Mexico joins the global trend to develop tourism products for the gay and lesbian community, even to the extent of its capabilities, acknowledged the Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry).
“I do not think we’re late, we’re just hopping on the wave to the extent of our abilities; we are in tune with the global trend and probably will move much more in the coming years” said Alfonso Bayón, deputy general manager of Tourism Product Innovation of the Tourism Ministry.

The next year, he added, the Tourism Ministry and the CPTM organized a familiarization trip with the main operators in this segment in the US and Europe, so they know Mexican destinations.

“We know there are at least 10 destinations in the country with high demand for this market, including Mexico City, Morelos, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Guerrero, the Riviera Maya and Cancun” he said.

In Mexico, this market accounts for nearly 5.8 million people, with an average spending of $500 thousand per person, double than the traditional tourism.

Since 2013, the Tourism Ministry started a strategy to boost this market with seminars for accreditation supply of tourism product information aimed at gay and lesbian segment.

So far it has made in Veracruz, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Jalisco. Next year it will be in Mexico City.


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