Pulpito Drag Derby

April 2, 2015
Source: http://www.facebook.com/pulpitodragderby

The 2nd Annual Pulpito Drag Derby will take place Thursday, May 21, transforming Calle Pulpito and the Pinnacle stairs into a Drag Race Track and giant block-party featuring music, laughs, entertainment and another amazing (drag) race.

The pre-party gets underway with music and entertainment as Singer Amy Armstrong warms up the crowd and introduces Drag Derby contestants in all their sequined splendor. Everybody gets a chance to place bets on their favorite drag queen, sample Pulpito Punch, and buy Drag Derby 2015 t-shirts.

Winning bets will get three times their face value ($100 pesos, $200 pesos, or $500 pesos) in Pulpito Pesos, redeemable as payment for food, beverages and other services (but not tips!) at participating Pulpito Drag Derby Sponsors.

Derby contestants will cross the starting line at 7:30, hair and makeup permitting, and run the comedy obstacle course. The competition will climax with the award of First ($5,000 pesos), Second ($2,000 pesos) and Third Place ($1,000 pesos).

But every contestant will be a winner, receiving 10% of the bets placed on her!

The music and fun continue non-stop as the Vallarta Pride Opening Party officially kicks off the weekend with a DJ, great music, special entertainment and surprise guests.

It’s great fun for a good cause – all profits go to the Amapas Neighborhood Association and SETAC.

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