The best city to be gay and single in 2017

December 26, 2016

GayCities announced the city chosen as the best city to be gay and single.

Thousands of LGBT community members on the GayCities site voted their favorite cities as LGBT-Friendly destinations. Cities are recognized for different reasons, this year in honor of what happened in previous months, “City of the Year” was Orlando.

Mexico was not left out of the list, Puerto Vallarta was voted as the city of fun and the sun with 26% of the votes, followed by Miami, Florida with 21%. As part of the Puerto Vallarta tourism promotion, the destination showed support to the LGBT community with an official promotional video.

But, continuing with the GayCities poll, the city chosen as the best to be single and gay this year turned out to be a tie between London and Berlin with 22% of the votes. The gay pride parade in Berlin is one of the largest, and even though in Germany equal marriage is still not legal, surveys conducted in the country say that 65% of the population would agree with same-sex people can marry. In addition the city counts on many clubs of all type, even specialists in fetishes.

The best city is San Francisco with 22% of the votes, the best line of cruises are those of “Royal Caribbean” with 32%, the best airline is “Virgin America” ​​with 22%. In addition to these results, the work of the innovator and promoter of LGBT tourism, Richard Gray, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who created the first tourism campaign directed towards the trans community, was also recognized.

“I want trans travelers in Fort Lauderdale to be like any other traveler. Free to be themselves, free to be accepted and above all safe, welcome and respected. Diversity and inclusiveness reign here in Fort Lauderdale. It is a great part of our personality and it is what we are as a destination.

Richard Gray said.

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