The first gay marriage took place in Bahía de Banderas

July 27, 2015
Source: Alerta Bahía
Primer matrimonio gay en Bahía de Banderas

Historic event for the destination, which in its first next 25 years is giving this extent of social maturity.

The afternoon of July 15, the offices of the Civil Registry ‘Licenciado José Flores’ received the couple formed by Lidia Lopez and Gladiz Vianey Ruiz to formalize their union as a partner by law. The event was also attended by the Banderas Bay Mayor, Jose Gomez Perez.

But the act comes from an appeal brought by the couple before the first district judge who ordered by resolution dependence in question act on the matter, because as you know there are still no corrections to nayaritas laws for couples of the same sex to have the same right to marriage through civil proceedings. The act also reflects the decision issued on 12 June by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), noting that any law banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional also ordered to publish in the Judicial Weekly one law which states: The law of any federal entity, on the one hand, consider that the purpose of marriage is procreation and / or to define it as that is between a man and a woman is unconstitutional. The purpose of marriage is constitutional protection of the family, which they described as unsuitable that some laws limit their role to procreation.

Based on the above and also making use of promoted legal means, the couple formed by Lidia and Gladiz asserted its right on Banderas Bay.


Source: Translation of Alerta Bahía


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