The Harsh Reality of Crystal Meth

April 21, 2016

Drugs destroy, this is a secret to no one. We are all exposed to them in different degrees. It is each individual’s decision to approach them or stay healthy in a world where we do not depend of any substance to be able to live and enjoy a full life.

Nowadays methamphetamines (crystal meth, ice) is one of the most addictive illegal synthetic drugs available, and is popular within the LGBTTIQ community. On the streets it can be sold in powdered form or crystals and can be ingested, inhaled, smoked or injected. Consumers report a fast, intense feeling and its effects include heightened activity, lesser appetite, and total euphoria that may last up to six to eight hours.

Crystal meth may include very toxic ingredients in its formula, like: battery acid, duct clearing liquid, torch fuel and car antifreeze. It is one of the most destructive drugs and it is easy just to name some of its physical effects in people with addiction to prove that:

  • Totally dilated pupils
  • Nose bleedings
  • Eyes look tired and with black circles
  • Open wounds in the face
  • Fast and excessive weight loss
  • Scars in arms and legs if it is injected
  • Premature aging (wrinkled skin, holes & hair loss)
  • Serious tooth decay (brown color, cavities & rotten)


Some consumers use the drug gradually, that is to say, they start shooting it once and again, until everything is gone or until they cannot even move to continue. They lose all their relationships: work, family, friends, partner or spouse. And finish all financial resources, even to the extreme of coning and stealing from their loved ones to obtain more drugs.

Adding to the mentioned effects, it is today very common that people mix illegal substances, use very high doses, consume drugs of doubtful origin and bad quality product, now we can talk about not only risking their health but also their freedom, individual rights and their own life.

In Vallarta Pride we promote a free drug festival, where the most important is to enjoy the art and culture that our community has to offer to the whole world. Our posture is very clear: it is fundamental to inform about the involved risks to promote the prevention of drug use within all LGBTTIQ individuals, and diminish damage of people already using any substance outside the law regularly. We firmly believe that every small action can contribute to a healthier, inclusive and prosperous world for everyone.


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