We Are One Family during Vallarta Pride 2016

January 1, 2016
Vallarta Pride 2016 - We Are One Family
Vallarta Pride 2016 - We Are One Family
  • For the fourth consecutive year, from May 16th to 29th 2016, the popular tourist destination in the Pacific will host the Vallarta PRIDE festival

  • Under the slogan “We are one Family”, the organizing committee is looking for volunteers and sponsors to join this successful pride festival for the LGBTTIQ community


Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco , January 5th, 2016.- For the fourth consecutive year, Puerto Vallarta, is the proud home of Vallarta PRIDE, scheduled to take place from May 16th to 29th 2016, under the motto “We are one family.” The most important pride LGBTTIQ festival in the region will host several events that include: art, culture, concerts, entertainment, movies, parties, grand gay pride parade and fun for everyone.

Civil associations, private companies and the entire LGBTTIQ community comes together again to organize this event during thirteen days, which aims to honor and promote the culture and respect for sexual diversity in the city, the region and the state Jalisco. The main events are free, popular and non-for-profit to show the world once again the best of Puerto Vallarta.

The Organizing Committee believes that during Vallarta PRIDE 2015, there were between 15 and 18 thousand visitors to Puerto Vallarta, which meant an increase in tourism numbers in at least 30% from the previous year. Currently, special rates are being negotiated with both the destination’s hotels as well as domestic and international airlines.

Some of the events to be held during this festival of diversity are: Candlelight march, March against homophobia, Women’s party, Film festival, Music festival, Party in the park, Drag Derby, Circuit party and Grand gay pride parade. The complete list of events for Vallarta PRIDE 2016 will be announced in January. If any company or person from the general public is interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer for the festival, please visit the link  http://vallartapride.com/noticias/unete-a-vallarta-pride-como-patrocinador or send an email to: info@vallartapride.com  mail for details.


About Vallarta PRIDE

Recognized internationally as a LGBTTIQ mecca, Puerto Vallarta is ready to receive domestic and international gay visitors, creating a sophisticated culture, sheltered by a vibrant local community that is constantly evolving. This heritage was adopted by the Vallarta PRIDE Organizing Committee in order to work together with public and private partners, putting our city on the world stage of the yearly LGBTTIQ celebrations.

Vallarta PRIDE works towards a future without discrimination so that we all have equal rights before the law. We believe we can achieve this through the LGBTTIQ events we organize to inspire, to commemorate and celebrate our community.

For more information, please visit the website: http://vallartapride.com/  or the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/orgullovallartapride



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