William Y Raul, the First to Request Marriage this year in Puerto Vallarta

February 16, 2016

On February 11 this year, William Hamilton and Raul Resendiz Duran became the first same-sex couple seeking marriage equality in Puerto Vallarta after the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) endorsed the same sex marriage in the state of Jalisco. Although the certificates for this act are not ready yet, applicants must attend premarital talks this week and meet the other requirements, so they probably would be getting married in two weeks.

Congratulations William and Raul!

We want to thank the mayor Arturo Peña Dávalos for all the support and his wife Candelaria availability throughout to abide the decision of the court.

Also recognition of all state organizations working together! ACT LGBT, ACT LGBT, Familias en la Diversidad – FADIS, Unión Diversa de Jalisco, Red de la Diversidad Sexual and Colectivo Vallarta LGBT.


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